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NOTICE: The Pizza Dome is only compatible with ovens that have a heating element (coil) or vents in the bottom (see images). Due to the design, the Dome restricts air space in the oven and can only concentrate heat and raise oven temperatures if the heat is coming from the bottom of the oven. ***If you are unsure whether your oven is compatible with the Pizza Dome, contact us with the make and model and we will tell you if the Dome will work for you*** Temperature is one of the most important factors in cooking. The standard home oven, though, has heat limitations. The Pizza Dome allows you to safely overcome this and cook pizza the way it was meant to be cooked – HOT! When you use just a pizza stone to cook pizza, most of the cooking takes place from the bottom up. Insert the Pizza Dome into your oven, though, and the curve of the Dome creates a ‘lens effects’, concentrating the oven’s heat under the Dome and toward the pizza. This allows the pizza to cook quickly and evenly from the top and the bottom, leaving you with a perfectly charred, brick oven quality pie. The lensing effect caused by the Dome shape forms a smaller space for air circulation above the pizza, making a sort of oven inside of an oven that radiates the heat toward the pizza stone or cooking surface. This allows for the pizza to get hotter than it ever would have been able to without the Pizza Dome. Air circulates quickly and easily in the standard structure of an oven because there is more space and thus temperature differences to drive the motion. The Dome utilizes slow convection by safely reducing/constricting the space available for air flow. The Pizza Dome isn’t limited to just pizza. The versatility allows you to use the dome for breads, roasts, desserts and just about any food you need to sear or crisp in order to maintain moisture and flavor! Get yours today and you’ll never put it away!

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