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Hello there, I believe you want a Food Strainers item, which means you are around the right place. Now you are reading through among our write-up with regards to Culina Conical Strainer, 5-Inch. And Lets hope you’ll discover a few useful facts prior to purchase Food Strainers product. At this time I want to create far more detail with regards to Culina Conical Strainer, 5-Inch. This product Culina Conical Strainer, 5-Inch, it is made by Culina corporation.

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French design, countless uses, great performance The highlight of our strainer isn’t just the clean, sophisticated French design or fancy name –chinois [sheen-wa]– but in its high functionality. Uses for Culina 4″ conical strainer are endless: from sieving kefir grains and sauces, steeping lemon zest to infusing tea leaves; from filtering juice pulp and seeds for juicing or cocktail to straining pureed fruits and vegetables. In whatever capacity this versatile kitchen essential is employed, it is praised for great performance and high efficiency. The long, conical shape serves a percolating purpose as the ingredient flows through with precision into the recipient. Your tea will steep deeper inside the mug. More kick to your single serving cocktail. With plenty of room to flow through the cone shape is ideal to avoid spillage and messy handling often associated with shallow sieves. As an added bonus the strainer stacks nicely for easy storage. Strong built Material, durable, consistent service Despite the heirloom look, Culina 5″ Conical Strainer is the result of advanced scientific research leading to a rust-resistant, food grade stainless steel built. Boasting two layers of fine, strong food grade stainless steel mesh shaped into a deep cone: sturdy and won’t easily bend. A large 3/4″ stainless steel band nicely holds all parts together at the rim, including the loop extending from the front for secure resting. Indeed the conical shape balances perfectly over mugs, glasses, jars and other recipients. The 6″ handle afford users ample room for movement, an assured, ergonomic grip and fits all size hands. No tipping over! No spillage, food or time waste, all of which is particularly important when working hot water to brew daily tea or coffee. Made for utilitarian use by professionals or at home, Culina 5″ Conical strainer is robust and holds up to repeated use.

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